Proceedings of the International Conference Suzaku2006

Volume 2  (CD-ROM)  Papers for poster presentations






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Papers for Oral Presentations are published in PTP Supplement No.169 (2007)

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Papers for Poster Presentations are included in this CD-ROM 

*) Titles and authors listed in this index are taken from the abstract book, not necessarily be the same as those written in the paper.

  1. Gamma Ray Bursts, Cosmic Rays and Neutrino

  2. Thermal Structure/Dynamics of Groups and Clusters of Galaxies

  3. Chemical Structure and Evolution Clusters of Galaxy

  4. Warm and Hot intraGalactic Medium

  5. The Galactic Center and Ridge Emissions 

  6. SN 1006 Milenium Special Session

  7. Stars and Clusters

  8. Whit Dwarf & Neutron Star Isolated and/or Binaries

  9. Stellar/Intermediate Mass Black Holes

  10. Super Massive Black Holes and AGNs

  11. The Suzaku satellite

  12. Synergy with Suzaku and Other Missions

  13. Education


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