We welcome you to the Matsuyama City for the Suzaku+MAXI Conference, February 19-22, 2014. It follows the 11th ASTRO-H science working group meeting February 17-18. The conference will be held at Nanka Memorial Hall in Johoku Campus of Ehime University.

Purpose of the conference

The Japan/US Suzaku X-ray observatory has been operating in orbit for more than eight years and  contributing to solving fundamental  questions of astronomy from local interstellar medium to clusters of galaxies and cosmology.  One of the strengths of Suzaku is  the unprecedented broad-band coverage with one observatory for time variable sources, e.g. active galactic nuclei.  This feature is strengthened by collaboration with MAXI, which is  an all-sky X-ray monitor on the Japanese Experiment Module, "Kibo", of  the International Space Station. The light curves of more than 200 X-ray sources are being updated daily in three X-ray bands and  transient alerts trigger deep observations with large observatories including Suzaku.  Unique results are also obtained from long-term monitor of sources.   Considering these fruitful high-energy astrophysics results from  two Japan led missions, we decided to organize the first Suzaku and MAXI conference,  "Suzaku-MAXI  2014 -- Expanding the Frontiers of the X-ray Universe", in Matsuyama, a historical city in Shikoku island.    The meeting will highlight results from Suzaku and MAXI, and synergistic results from the two missions.  The meeting will also emphasize synergies  with other  existing observatories,  XMM-Newton, Chandra, Integral, Swift, Fermi, NuSTAR, and ground-based TeV, as well as with anticipated new missions: ASTROSAT, eROSITA, and particularly ASTRO-H.   We hope  ATHENA+.


Important Dates

  October 1: Open for registration, call for papers
  December 5:  Abstract submission deadline
  January 17: Hotel room reservations and Registration deadline

  February 18 18:00 : Welcome reception at Johoku Campus
  February 19 9:30 - February 22 11:30 : Suzaku-MAXI Conference
  February 21 18:30 : Banquet at Yamatoya-Honten

Mailing Address

  Suzaku+MAXI Conference 2014
  Faculty of Science
  Ehime University
  2-5 Bunkyo,
  Matsuyama, Ehime 790-8577, Japan
  ( Note that _at_ should be replaced of "@". )

  SUZAKU+MAXI 2014 conference is sponsored by:
  Society for Promotion of Space Science
  Matsuyama Convention and Visitors Bureau

  This symposium is a part of the RIKEN Symposiums Series and the ISAS Symposiums Series.